Restricted product list

6 juli 2020 12:27:49

These products are not permitted under any circumstances.

Sexual in nature, adult-oriented materials are not permitted on Peddler.

Images of nudity are not allowed except for nude art.

All adult magazines, nudist publications cannot be listed.

Unrated films containing explicit sexual content are not allowed.

Links to sites that contain adult items are prohibited on Peddler.

Narcotics, steroids, and other controlled substances are prohibited.

Drug paraphernalia can't be listed either. This includes all items designed or primarily intended for use in manufacturing, concealing, or using a controlled substance.

We do not allow organisation, business, or items on our site if they fall under the embargo regulations with the following countries. (Since we can't determine when an item was removed from a specific country, we don't permit items that claim to be pre-embargo):

  • Burma (Myanmar) – only jadeite and rubies are prohibited

  • Cuba

  • Iran

  • North Korea

  • Sudan

  • Syria

Firearms, weapons, air rifles, explosives, military items and knifes can't be sold on Peddler.

Governmental items (or the ones that appear to be governmental items) are not allowed on the site to prevent identity theft or fraud.

It is against the law to law to transport hazardous materials or 'dangerous goods' per transport regulations.

For a safer commercial experience on Peddler, we don't allow selling or linking to items that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.

For legal reasons, you're not allowed to list any lock-picking or locksmithing devices on Peddler.

Peddler doesn't allow the listing of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal information. Peddler does not allow for substances or item that require a prescription from, or the supervision of, a licensed practitioner. 

It also doesn’t drugs and drug-like substances.

Medical Devices are not allowed to be posted or sold.

We don't allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organisations with such views.

Police-related items are not allowed.

Peddler doesn’t allow the stolen property to be posted or offered since it contravenes national or international law.

Peddler does not allow for used cosmetics to be sold.

Credit card, prepaid cards or debit cards are restricted items.

Peddler does not allowed for the sale of products that are mainly intended to record the private oral, wire or electronic conversations or activities of others without them knowing.

The sale of stock or security interests isn't allowed on Peddler.

Bootleg recordings are unauthorised recordings of concerts or live performances. We don’t allow listings for bootleg recordings on Peddler.

Modchips, game enhancers, custom firmware, and boot disks are devices that enable domestic video game systems to play backup or import versions of video games. These devices are not allowed on Peddler.

The below products are only partially restricted.

Archaeological findings that haven't been reported in accordance with applicable law. It's up to the Merchant to make sure that any item is approved for sale by the relevant law of the country in question.

Peddler does not allow for titles of nobility to be sold or exchanged.

Peddler does not allow listings for catalogues that buyers can order from. We do allow merchants to list old and collectible catalogues that can no longer be ordered from.

Used clothing (except underwear) can be listed on Peddler as long as it has been cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions, is stain-free, and does not include adult or inappropriate content within the listing.

Peddler does not allow replica stamps and counterfeit or fake currency to be listed as real. Replicas are allowed provided they are clearly listed as replicas.

You can list digitally delivered goods provided they do not infringe on intellectual property, copyrights.

Concert, festival, sports, theatre and comedy tickets can be sold provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The listing must stipulate the price of the ticket and the face value price which must be accurate and truthful.

  • You must have legal permission and authority to be selling these tickets.

  • The tickets are not for an event where entry is free of charge.

Aside from wigs which may contain human scalp hair, we do not allow for selling of items that are constituted in its totality or in part by human remains or body parts.

You can list plants or seeds that aren't on any restricted list. However the merchant can only do this provided that the merchant undertakes all legal obligation regarding the relevant governmental authorities to make sure that the plants or seeds in question will not harm the environment, and any required special certificates of compliance from government authorities are acquired and are complied with.

You can sell valid manufacturer's vouchers subject to the following conditions:

  • You may sell up to €100 or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month.

  • You can't sell more than 25 coupons in a single listing. The allowed 25 coupons per month include multi-quantity listings. Make sure you clearly state in your description how many vouchers you're selling. If we can't tell how many vouchers are offered, the listing breaches our policy.

The following items are not allowed:

  • Coupons for “free" products: You can’t sell coupons for “free" products. This restriction includes coupons for free items, or coupons where the coupon holder buys a quantity of items at one price, and receives additional items for free.

  • Electronic 'scanned' vouchers: All vouchers sold through Peddler must be physical vouchers printed on paper, not vouchers that can be sent electronically to the buyer to be printed. Also, to reduce the potential for coupon fraud, don't include unaltered scans of vouchers in their listings that could be copied, printed, and redeemed in stores.

  • The sale of scanned or photocopied vouchers may breach copyright laws, and merchants of unlawful items like these could face legal action. We don't allow the sale of these kinds of vouchers.

  • Vouchers for recalled items: Vouchers for items that have been recalled by the manufacturer can't be listed on Peddler.

  • Recalled vouchers: Vouchers that have been recalled by the manufacturer can't be listed on Peddler.

The sale of postage meters and franking machines is regulated by the national postal service and it is not allowed. However the following items are permitted:

  • Postage meter bases;

  • Postage scales;

  • Actual postage (such as collectable stamps).

Merchants aren't allowed to list items that are prohibited from being sold because of a recall. If an item can be legally sold but is subject to a recall, merchants must include appropriate information about the recall within the listing.

Merchants are not allowed to sell most tobacco products on Peddler because of strict government regulations.

We have special guidelines for listing travel and travel services on Peddler, including air, train and sea travel; hotel, spa, and resort stays, holiday packages and gift certificates and travel vouchers. The following are the necessary conditions for listing travel services:

  • Merchants with an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) may sell plane tickets or package holidays that include air travel.

  • Listings for train tickets by an authorised person (someone acting in the course of their duties who is an employee or agent of the relevant train operator), or any other person authorised by the train operator or a person operating any railway assets. You must make it clear in the listing that you are authorised to sell train tickets.

  • Travel-related certificates, if they are issued by one specific provider of travel services (i.e. one particular airline, hotel chain, cruise company etc.) for use only with that company.

  • Gift certificates or travel vouchers issued by a specific travel provider (e.g. hotel chain or airline), provided that the issuing company is disclosed.

  • Listings for accommodation rentals, such as homes, apartments, villas, B&Bs and timeshare weeks are not allowed, unless: you personally own the property or have ownership rights OR you are an accredited travel provider or licensed travel agent and you list in the Holidays & Travel > Accommodation category

  • Cruises and vacation packages are allowed if your business is authorised to issue these. A choice of travel dates is allowed, but the specific destination, location of the hotel, spa, or resort or cruise line and cruise must be clearly identified in your listing.

Certain types of software - including academic, beta and OEM software - aren’t allowed on Peddler or certain restrictions apply when listing them, as described below:

  • Academic software is sold at significantly discounted prices to students, faculty members, and educational institutions. You aren't allowed to list academic copies of software on Peddler unless you are authorised to do so as an educational reseller, an educational institution, a student, or a faculty member.

  • Beta software can't be listed on Peddler. This includes: test, prototype, and evaluation software, Beta keys, beta cards and access codes, previously redeemed or activated beta codes and Digitally-delivered beta codes.

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM), bundled, recovery software, unless it is included with the purchase of new computer hardware. It is Peddler’s policy that merchants can't list these types of software products unless they are selling it with the original hardware.

Perfume testers and dramming bottles (which are bottles from which small quantities can be taken for supply to consumers as free samples), typically marked with the words 'demonstration' or 'not for sale', may not be listed on Peddler. Also, you need to make sure that the essential and legally required information - such as, among others, the identity of the manufacturer or the person responsible for marketing the product, the composition of the product (content and list of ingredients), the use of the product (function and particular precautions to be observed in use) and preservation of the product (date of expiry) - is not missing from any permissible cosmetic or perfume product. Smell-alike perfumes may not be listed on Peddler when they are compared to a well-known brand or scent. You may not list a perfume in a bottle other than the original bottle.