Sell more locally
anytime, anywhere

Peddler increases your sales and customer footprint by allowing locals to order from you online. All from the comfort of their home or work, with the convenience of a fast local same day delivery service. We put your products on the map!

Reach more customers

Peddler increases the visibility & reach of your store to every potential consumer online. In addition, you get access to our online and offline marketing campaigns and we work on your search-ability on Google and Facebook for you, with our fully customisable marketing features.

Increase your sales

Boost your sales with Peddler. Our new marketplace provides local retailers the opportunity to take advantage of online retail and compete with online marketplaces. We make it easy to post your inventory online in just a few simple steps. And we provide all the infrastructure and tools for reliable on-demand same day delivery.

Gain customers with same-day delivery

Provide the ultimate delivery services to current and new customers. All orders are collected the same day and delivered to your new happy customer, using specially designed bikes that can keep your products safe and secure! Customers can book to collect the product in person, so you know when they are coming.

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How does it work?

Step 1

The customer orders his or her products in the app. Payment is arranged directly in-app and deposited to your designated account.

Step 2

You will immediately receive the placed order via an app, SMS and / or email notification.

Step 3

You prepare the order and our bicycle courier ensures fast delivery to the customer.

What do retailers say?

"Great work, and no-fuss to get online. This is exactly what keeps our local economy going ..."

"I'm providing regular customers with a fast and green delivery service, what's not to like ...!"

We do marketing together

Each affiliate store receives a full marketing package to ensure a successful partnership. This includes:

  • Up to € 500,- Google Ads budget!
    (with this we promote your shop & products)

  • Automatically featured on Facebook and Google.
    (this is how we make your shop and products searchable online)

  • Social marketing on Instagram with the best influencers

  • Flyers and stickers with your logo

  • 3x per year a personal training from our marketing experts

  • Email templates and website promotional tools


No subscription or signup fee

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