Local products,

Local stores,

Same day delivery.

We are live! Peddler created a new marketplace together with hundreds of local retailers in Amsterdam. On Peddler you can now order your favourite products from local retailers and have them delivered the same day. All through our safe & eco-friendly delivery service.

Whether you are looking for the latest boutique fashion or a healthy organic feast, Peddler has something for everyone. Products are sold by local retailers, with the curation & service you've come to expect from your favourite local shop owner. Peddler makes it easy for local retailers to put their products online everywhere today! (yes everywhere).

Order from home

Pay securely online

Delivered the same day

Contactless delivery

Shop locally, from the comfort of your home

Order the best products from your favourite local stores on Peddler and have it delivered the same day. You can even request to pickup your item in store at a reserved time slot just for you.


Peddler allows you to browse all the best stores in your city, and purchase directly from the retailer through our secure payment platform. Support your local economy today and find great local products anytime, anywhere.

Same day delivery

Our bicycle couriers deliver orders quickly, sustainably and safely through our contactless delivery network. We match the products you are looking for with the nearest available retailer, and deliver it the same day or at the time of your choosing!

Our bicycle couriers help retailers reach more customers and ensure they can continue to shop locally, whether you are busy at work or even in the event of a lockdown.

Built by Local retailers for Local retailers

Give your local store a sales boost with Peddler. We provide all the tools & support retailers need to setup their product inventory online in a few simple steps. Peddler increases the reach of local store(s) and their product offering to new customers throughout their geography. Peddler offers the convenience of fast, clean and a reliable on-demand delivery service!

Take advantage of our online and offline marketing campaigns, with our automated Google and Social media features. You're in complete control and decide when and what you would like to sell.


Would you like to get in touch for any queries, are you looking for additional information or would you like to request a logo or visual materials? Please contact us at helpdesk@peddler.com. We are happy to help.

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